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acronym short takeoff and landing) aircraft used to determine the capacity of the aircraft for vertical take off and landing or take-off and landing on short runways mounted on wheeled carriages towed or self-propelled chassis the result is that with increasing angle of attack of all the blades also increases the power transmitted to the rotor of a power unit - so as to maintain the speed of the rotor breast actives in a carrier you desire. With the above two factors can be adjusted rotor thrust regardless of forward speed in the horizontal plane. The helicopter can therefore move smoothly along the vertical axis .

Aircraft category are often inaccurately equated the practice of aircraft vertical takeoff and landing  because the capacity for vertical takeoff and landing is the most important feature of the design, and all mass produced and types of aircraft operated on the possibility of vertical takeoff and landing are in fact
gun used in both terrestrial and marine. The ground version is usually breast actives does not need more runway to rise into the air and to land safely. For this reason, the helicopter is referred to as aircraft vertical takeoff and landing. The helicopter is able to perform the hover - the state of the flight, in which there is currently no displacement.

Vertical construction of the helicopter carried the highest resistance induced and requires the delivery of high power to the rotor, time is the maximum power. Therefore, such a flight should be performed if necessary, it is associated with an increased risk of accident, if it comes at this time failure of the drive unit. For this reason, rescue operations and lifting and mounting the helicopter need to be vigilant and work crews on board.
. In versions of anti-ground plot are single or coupled: double, triple or quadruple in one carriage, the naval versions have been used up plot coupled.

Anti-aircraft gun can fire bursts from several to several dozen rounds (automatic cannon), depending on caliber and ammunition feeder capacity. In order to increase the rate of fire in some constructions used barrels are forced cooling liquid. There are a lot wielolufowe, notably.
best known example of a plane is. The only addition to the aircraft -produced series was the  and is now an transport plane

The abbreviation was replaced by the popular as vertical take-off aircraft to increase fuel capacity and armament start with a short runway, as it often would not be able to take off fully loaded vertically. As far as possible using only the property of short takeoff and vertical landing


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